1.9. 1.7.x Branch

1.9.1. Version 1.7.2 Security

1.9.2. Version 1.7.1 Bug Fix

  • #974: Fix access to /db/_all_docs for database members.

1.9.3. Version 1.7.0 Security API Changes Build Database Core Documentation

  • #c3c9588: Improve documentation of cacert_file ssl option.

  • #3266f23: Clarify the purpose of tombstones.

  • #75887d9: Improve CouchDB Replication Protocol definition.

  • #3b1dc0f: Remove mention of group_level=exact.

  • #2a11daa: Remove mention of “Test Suite” in Futon.

  • #01c60f1: Clarify type of key, startkey and endkey params. Futon

  • COUCHDB-241: Support document copying.

  • COUCHDB-1011: Run replication filtered by document ids from Futon.

  • COUCHDB-1275: Unescape database names in Futon recently used list.

  • #f18f82a: Update jquery.ui to 1.10.4 with fixes of potential XSS issues. HTTP Server Query Server

  • COUCHDB-1447: Custom response headers from design functions get merged with default ones.

  • #7779c11: Upgrade Coffeescript to version 1.10. jquery.couch.js