1.19. 0.10.x Branch

1.19.1. Upgrade Notes


Version 0.10.2 contains important security fixes. Previous 0.10.x releases are not recommended for regular usage. Modular Configuration Directories

CouchDB now loads configuration from the following places (glob(7) syntax) in order:

  • PREFIX/default.ini

  • PREFIX/default.d/*

  • PREFIX/local.ini

  • PREFIX/local.d/*

The configuration options for couchdb script have changed to:

-a FILE     add configuration FILE to chain
-A DIR      add configuration DIR to chain
-n          reset configuration file chain (including system default)
-c          print configuration file chain and exit Show and List API change

Show and List functions must have a new structure in 0.10. See Formatting_with_Show_and_List for details. Stricter enforcing of reduciness in reduce-functions

Reduce functions are now required to reduce the number of values for a key. View query reduce parameter strictness

CouchDB now considers the parameter reduce=false to be an error for queries of map-only views, and responds with status code 400.

1.19.2. Version 0.10.2 Build and System Integration

  • Fixed distribution preparation for building on Mac OS X. Security Replicator

  • Avoid leaking file descriptors on automatic replication restarts.

1.19.3. Version 0.10.1 Build and System Integration

  • Test suite now works with the distcheck target. Replicator

  • Stability enhancements regarding redirects, timeouts, OAuth. Query Server

  • Avoid process leaks

  • Allow list and view to span languages Stats

  • Eliminate new process flood on system wake

1.19.4. Version 0.10.0 Build and System Integration

  • Changed couchdb script configuration options.

  • Added default.d and local.d configuration directories to load sequence. HTTP Interface

  • Added optional cookie-based authentication handler.

  • Added optional two-legged OAuth authentication handler. Storage Format

  • Add move headers with checksums to the end of database files for extra robust storage and faster storage. View Server

  • Added native Erlang views for high-performance applications.