Configuration Quick Reference

admins Server Administrators
attachments Configuration of Attachment Storage
    compressible_types List of attachment types for compression
    compression_level Set zlib compression level
chttpd Clustered HTTP Server Options
    admin_only_all_dbs Require admin for ``_all_dbs`` and ``_dbs_info``
    allow_jsonp Enables JSONP support
    authentication_handlers Authentication handlers
    bind_address HTTP port IP address binding
    buffer_response Buffered response
    bulk_get_use_batches Use the optimized bulk_get implementation
    changes_timeout Changes feed timeout
    config_whitelist Config options whitelist
    disconnect_check_jitter_msec Client disconnection check jitter
    disconnect_check_msec Client disconnection check interval
    enable_cors Activates CORS
    enable_xframe_options Controls X-Frame-Options header
    max_http_request_size Maximum HTTP request body size
    port Listen port
    prefer_minimal Sends minimal set of headers
    require_valid_user Force user authentication
    require_valid_user_except_for_up Force user auth (mostly)
    secure_rewrites Default request handler
    x_forwarded_host X-Forwarder-Host
    x_forwarded_proto X-Forwarder-Proto
    x_forwarded_ssl X-Forwarder-Ssl
chttpd_auth Authentication Configuration
    allow_persistent_cookies Persistent cookies
    auth_cache_size Authentication cache
    authentication_redirect Default redirect for authentication requests
    cookie_domain Cookie Domain
    hash_algorithms Supported hash algorithms for cookie and proxy auth
    iterations PBKDF2 iterations count
    max_iterations Maximum PBKDF2 iterations count
    min_iterations Minimum PBKDF2 iterations count
    password_regexp Password regular expressions
    proxy_use_secret Force proxy auth to use secret token
    public_fields User documents public fields
    same_site SameSite
    secret Authentication secret token
    timeout Session timeout
    users_db_public Publish user documents
    x_auth_roles Proxy Auth roles header
    x_auth_token Proxy Auth token header
    x_auth_username Proxy Auth username header
cluster Cluster Options
    n Number of replicas of each document
    placement Sets the cluster-wide replica placement policy
    q Default number of shards for newly created database
    reconnect_interval_sec Cluster connectivity check period.
    seedlist Optional, comma-delimited list of nodes that should be contacted to join cluster
cors Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
    credentials Enable credentials support in CouchDB
    headers List of accepted headers
    max_age Set Access-Control-Max-Age header
    methods List of accepted methods
    origins List of allowed origins
couch_peruser Database Per User Options
    delete_dbs Enable deleting user-db after user delete
    enable Enable private per-user database pattern
    q Sharding value for per-user databases
couchdb Base CouchDB Options
    attachment_stream_buffer_size Attachment streaming buffer
    database_dir Databases location directory
    default_security Default security
    enable_database_recovery Enable database recovery
    file_compression Compression method for documents
    maintenance_mode Maintenance mode
    max_dbs_open Limit of simultaneously opened databases
    max_document_size Limit maximum document body size
    os_process_timeout External processes time limit
    single_node Start in single node mode.
    uri_file Discovery CouchDB help file
    users_db_security_editable Protect ``_users`` DB security obj
    users_db_suffix Users database suffix
    util_driver_dir CouchDB binary utility drivers
    uuid CouchDB server UUID
    view_index_dir View indexes location directory
csp Content-Security-Policy
    attachments_enable Enable CSP-Header (attachments)
    attachments_header_value Set CSP-Header value (attachments)
    enable Enable CSP-Header (deprecated)
    header_value Set CSP-Header value (deprecated)
    showlist_enable Enable CSP-Header (Show/List-Functions)
    showlist_header_value Set CSP-Header value (Show/List-Functions)
    utils_enable Enable Content-Security-Policy header (Fauxton)
    utils_header_value Set CSP-Header value (Fauxton)
database_compaction Database Compaction Options
    checkpoint_after Checkpoint trigger
    doc_buffer_size Documents buffer size
dreyfus Search Subsystem Configuration
    limit Default result set limit for global search
    limit_partitions Default result set limit for partitioned DBs
    max_limit Maximum result set for global search
    max_limit_partitions Maximum result set for partitioned search
    name Clouseau JVM node name and location
    retry_limit Maximum number of connection retries
httpd HTTP Server Options
    server_options MochiWeb Server Options
    socket_options Socket Options
ioq IO Queue Configuration
    concurrency Number of in-flight IO requests
    ratio Preference for selecting background over interactive IO
ioq.bypass Bypass Selected IO Classes
    compaction Bypass Disk IO for compaction job requests
    os_process Bypass IO messages to external processes
    read Bypass Disk IO read requests
    reshard Bypass Disk IO for resharding jobs
    shard_sync Bypass Disk IO for shard syncing requests
    view_update Bypass Disk IO view update requests
    write Bypass Disk IO write requests
jwt_auth JWT Authentication
    required_claims Mandatory claims in JWT tokens
    roles_claim_name Optional CouchDB roles claim in JWT token (deprecated)
    roles_claim_path (Nested) CouchDB roles claim in JWT token
ken Background Index Builds
    batch_channels Steady-state build concurrency
    incremental_channels Additional slots for short jobs
    max_incremental_updates Threshold defining a job as short
ken.ignore Auto-Indexing Blocklist
log Logging Options
    file Logging file path
    include_sasl Include SASL information in logs
    level Logging verbose level
    syslog_appid Application name for syslog
    syslog_facility Syslog designations for message sources
    syslog_host Syslog host
    syslog_port Syslog port
    write_buffer File log write buffer size
    write_delay Wait delay before commiting logs to disk
    writer Set the log writer to use.
mango Mango Configuration
    default_limit Default limit value for Mango queries.
    index_all_disabled Disable "index all fields" behaviour
    index_scan_warning_threshold Ratio threshold that generates an index scan warning
native_query_servers Native Erlang Query Server
prometheus Configuration of Prometheus Options
    additional_port Enable a separate, non-authenticated port for prometheus data
    bind_address IP address binding
    port Port for querying Prometheus data without authentication
purge Configuration of Database Purge
    index_lag_warn_seconds Allowed duration for purge checkpoint document
    max_document_id_number Allowed number of documents per Delete-Request
    max_revisions_number Allowed number of accumulated revisions per Purge-Request
query_server_config Query Servers Configuration
    commit_freq View index commit delay
    os_process_limit Query Server process hard limit
    os_process_soft_limit Query Server process soft limit
    reduce_limit Reduce limit control
replicator Replicator Database Configuration
    auth_plugins List of replicator client authentication plugins
    cert_file Path to user PEM certificate file
    checkpoint_interval Replication checkpoint interval
    connection_timeout Per replication connection timeout
    http_connections Maximum number of HTTP connections
    ibrowse_options ibrowse options
    interval Checking interval of replication jobs
    key_file Path to private user PEM file
    max_churn Maximum number of jobs to start and stop
    max_history Maximum number of events recorded for each job
    max_jobs Maximum replications jobs
    password Optional password for protected key file
    priority_coeff Priority coefficient decays
    retries_per_request Number of retries per request
    socket_options Erlang socket options
    ssl_certificate_max_depth Maximum peer certificate depth checking size
    ssl_trusted_certificates_file Trusted peer certificates
    update_docs Update replication document with error and triggered states
    usage_coeff Usage coefficient decay
    use_bulk_get Use ``_bulk_get`` to fetch docs from the source
    use_checkpoints Use checkpoints during replication
    valid_endpoint_protocols Replicator endpoint protocols
    valid_ibrowse_options ibrowse options
    valid_proxy_protocols Replicator proxy protocols
    valid_socket_options Erlang socket options
    verify_ssl_certificates Check peer certificates
    worker_batch_size Batch size of workers
    worker_processes Number of worker processes
replicator.shares Per-Database Fair Share Allocation
    $replicator_db Value for a replicator database
resharding Resharding Configuration
    delete_source Delete source after resharding
    max_history Maximum size of the event log
    max_jobs Maximum resharding jobs per node
    max_retries Maximum number of retries before failing resharding job
    require_node_param Require node parameter when creating resharding job
    require_range_param Require range parameter when creating resharding job
    retry_interval_sec Wait time between resharding retries
    source_close_timeout_sec Source shard wait time before close
    update_shard_map_timeout_sec Shard map update waiting time
rexi Internal RPC Tuning
    buffer_count Number of buffered messages before dropping
    server_per_node Enable or disable one local `gen_server` process per node
    stream_limit Number of send messages without waiting for acknowledgement from the coordinator
smoosh Compaction Daemon Rules
    cleanup_index_files Automatically delete orphaned index files
    db_channels Active database channels
    staleness Minimum time between priority calculations
    view_channels Active secondary index channels
    wait_secs Warmup period before triggering first compaction
smoosh.<channel> Per-channel configuration
    capacity Maximum number of items
    concurrency Maximum number of concurrent jobs
    from Time window start
    max_priority Maximum priority of item to be enqueued
    max_size Maximum size of item to be enqueued
    min_changes Minimum number of changes of item to be enqueued
    min_priority Minimum priority of item to be enqueued
    min_size Minimum size of item to be enqueued
    priority Method for priority calculation
    strict_window Run compaction only within the time window
    to Time window end
ssl HTTPS (SSL/TLS) Options
    cacert_file CA Certificate file
    cert_file Certificate file
    ciphers Specify permitted server cipher list
    fail_if_no_peer_cert Require presence of client certificate if certificate verification is enabled
    key_file Certificate key file
    password Certificate key password
    secure_renegotiate Enable secure renegotiation
    ssl_certificate_max_depth Maximum peer certificate depth
    tls_versions Specify permitted server SSL/TLS protocol versions
    verify_fun SSL verification function
    verify_ssl_certificates Enable certificate verification
stats Statistic Calculation
    interval Statistics gathering interval
uuids UUIDs Configuration
    algorithm Generation Algorithm
    max_count Per-Request UUID Limit
    utc_id_suffix UTC ID Suffix
vendor Vendor information
vhosts Virtual Hosts
view_compaction View Compaction Options
    keyvalue_buffer_size Key-Values buffer size