1.5.1. /{db}/_design/{ddoc}

HEAD /{db}/_design/{ddoc}

Returns the HTTP Headers containing a minimal amount of information about the specified design document.

GET /{db}/_design/{ddoc}

Returns the contents of the design document specified with the name of the design document and from the specified database from the URL. Unless you request a specific revision, the latest revision of the document will always be returned.

PUT /{db}/_design/{ddoc}

The PUT method creates a new named design document, or creates a new revision of the existing design document.

The design documents have some agreement upon their fields and structure. Currently it is the following:

  • language (string): Defines Query Server to process design document functions

  • options (object): View’s default options

  • filters (object): Filter functions definition

  • lists (object): List functions definition. Deprecated.

  • rewrites (array or string): Rewrite rules definition. Deprecated.

  • shows (object): Show functions definition. Deprecated.

  • updates (object): Update functions definition

  • validate_doc_update (string): Validate document update function source

  • views (object): View functions definition.

  • autoupdate (boolean): Indicates whether to automatically build indexes defined in this design document. Default is true.

Note, that for filters, lists, shows and updates fields objects are mapping of function name to string function source code. For views mapping is the same except that values are objects with map and reduce (optional) keys which also contains functions source code.

DELETE /{db}/_design/{ddoc}

Deletes the specified document from the database. You must supply the current (latest) revision, either by using the rev parameter to specify the revision.

COPY /{db}/_design/{ddoc}

The COPY (which is non-standard HTTP) copies an existing design document to a new or existing one.

Given that view indexes on disk are named after their MD5 hash of the view definition, and that a COPY operation won’t actually change that definition, the copied views won’t have to be reconstructed. Both views will be served from the same index on disk.

1.5.2. /{db}/_design/{ddoc}/{attname}

HEAD /{db}/_design/{ddoc}/{attname}

Returns the HTTP headers containing a minimal amount of information about the specified attachment.

GET /{db}/_design/{ddoc}/{attname}

Returns the file attachment associated with the design document. The raw data of the associated attachment is returned (just as if you were accessing a static file.

PUT /{db}/_design/{ddoc}/{attname}

Uploads the supplied content as an attachment to the specified design document. The attachment name provided must be a URL encoded string.

DELETE /{db}/_design/{ddoc}/{attname}

Deletes the attachment of the specified design document.

1.5.3. /{db}/_design/{ddoc}/_info

GET /{db}/_design/{ddoc}/_info

Obtains information about the specified design document, including the index, index size and current status of the design document and associated index information.

  • db – Database name

  • ddoc – Design document name

Request Headers:
  • Accept

    • application/json

    • text/plain

Response Headers:
  • Content-Type

    • application/json

    • text/plain; charset=utf-8

Response JSON Object:
Status Codes:
  • 200 OK – Request completed successfully


GET /recipes/_design/recipe/_info HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/json
Host: localhost:5984


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Cache-Control: must-revalidate
Content-Length: 263
Content-Type: application/json
Date: Sat, 17 Aug 2013 12:54:17 GMT
Server: CouchDB (Erlang/OTP)

    "name": "recipe",
    "view_index": {
        "compact_running": false,
        "language": "python",
        "purge_seq": 0,
        "signature": "a59a1bb13fdf8a8a584bc477919c97ac",
        "sizes": {
          "active": 926691,
          "disk": 1982704,
          "external": 1535701
        "update_seq": 12397,
        "updater_running": false,
        "waiting_clients": 0,
        "waiting_commit": false
} View Index Information

The response from GET /{db}/_design/{ddoc}/_info contains view_index (object) field with the next structure:

  • compact_running (boolean): Indicates whether a compaction routine is currently running on the view

  • sizes.active (number): The size of live data inside the view, in bytes

  • sizes.external (number): The uncompressed size of view contents in bytes

  • sizes.file (number): Size in bytes of the view as stored on disk

  • language (string): Language for the defined views

  • purge_seq (number): The purge sequence that has been processed

  • signature (string): MD5 signature of the views for the design document

  • update_seq (number / string): The update sequence of the corresponding database that has been indexed

  • updater_running (boolean): Indicates if the view is currently being updated

  • waiting_clients (number): Number of clients waiting on views from this design document

  • waiting_commit (boolean): Indicates if there are outstanding commits to the underlying database that need to processed