1.5. Installation via Docker

Apache CouchDB provides ‘convenience binary’ Docker images through Docker Hub at apache/couchdb. This is our upstream release; it is usually mirrored downstream at Docker’s top-level couchdb as well.

At least these tags are always available on the image:

  • latest - always the latest

  • 3: always the latest 3.x version

  • 2: always the latest 2.x version

  • 1, 1.7, 1.7.2: CouchDB 1.7.2 (convenience only; no longer supported)

  • 1-couchperuser, 1.7-couchperuser, 1.7.2-couchperuser: CouchDB 1.7.2 with couchperuser plugin (convenience only; no longer supported)

These images expose CouchDB on port 5984 of the container, run everything as user couchdb (uid 5984), and support use of a Docker volume for data at /opt/couchdb/data.

Your installation is not complete. Be sure to complete the Setup steps for a single node or clustered installation.

Further details on the Docker configuration are available in our couchdb-docker git repository.